Five hour round trip totally worth it

When you don’t want to use a smoking diesel generator, but you still want to be able to make a cup of tea and see what you are doing!

Puragen a national renewable energy installation company wanted a case study filming to represent what a massive difference Solar Panels can make when electricity is not available on the grid

The best bit for us was the rural settings, after a two and a half hour drive into the middle-of-nowhere we were confronted by a beautiful set of stables with four class thoroughbred horses and a totally dedicated father and daughter team to look after them, this along with some feral cats ( who didn’t have that tail in the air attitude domestic cars have ) and an amazing array of birds flying within three feet of where we were filming without any fear at all made it a fantastic day

puragen 1


It was a great shoot and when we left at 22.00  the new ‘free’ electricity powering and floodlighting the whole area astounded all things that breathed.   We were amazed at the fantastic result from the hard work from the Puragen team. . . .  they really do make a difference


Looking forward to the edit.

Puragen 2b

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